WinTabber pad file
Update !
New version is live 21-07-14, go to the download tab to get it now! Includes latest PuTTY 0.63

KiTTY Support !
WinTabber does not work with KiTTY when transparency managment is on (default). For a normal use, you must desactivate it.

What is WinTabber ?
WinTabber is tabmanager that can add tab support to almost any window under windows 2000/XP. Working with tabbed windows works faster and efficiently.
WinTabber Mailing list
If you would like to be told when new releases of WinTabber come out, you can subscribe to the WinTabber mailing list. Do this by adding your email address here.
Where can I download it ?
Uninstall old version first!
WinTabber setup 1.2

- WinTabber 0.2.232
- WinTabber 0.2.225
- WinTabber 0.2.224
- WinTabber 0.2.156
- WinTabber 0.2.140
- WinTabber 0.2.132
- WinTabber 0.2.109
What is WinTabber ?

WinTabber is a container application, that allows you to capture external windows and work with them in a grouped, tabbed environment.

That maybe sounds strange, but when you think of it it's quite normal. Let's say you have 6 console (dos) windows open. You can alt-tab to these windows, and you can use the task bar. But what if 3 windows are for project 1 and the other 3 are for project 2, then it would be nice to group them in different containers, wouldn't it?

Even if you don't have different projects, having all your favorite windows in one container can be handy as well. Think of Firefox, each website is loaded in a different tab in one container. Well, that's pretty much what WinTabber does.

Here is a feature summary

Feature Free EditionShareware Edition (deprecated)
Support for almost any app
Unlimited tabs
Capture, release and close windows
Rename tab titles
Multiple instances
Opacity settings
Set the tab position (top, left, right and bottom)
Set the tab appearance
Set the tab layout
Set the window size (640x480,800x600,1024,768)
Change the window theme/skin
One note colors (luna)
Large icon suport
Change the app icon to any icon
Set toolbar visibility
Configurable keybindings
Full system menu integration

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